1895 Otto Engine

December 25 2005,
These castings were a surprise Christmas gift from my family. I have
always wanted an Otto engine and this must be it. The castings were purchased from Heinz Kornmueller , Austria-Europe. http://members.eunet.at/heinz.kornmueller/  The castings are aluminum except the flywheel, gears and cylinder liner. Following pictures show some of the progress.

Drawings, CD, castings, gears, piston, liner.

Crankshaft from 4140 steel under construction.

As of February 2006

As of March 2006

As of July 2006
Taking some time but we are getting there.

As of May 2007
Took more time then expected but essentially finished.


Well the Otto does run and, amazingly, the pendulum governor does sort of work.  Maybe not as good as a full size one but I am happy with it.