Olds Gas Engine

My son Paul, and the Olds, way back when.

This was my first hit or miss engine. It was built from a Paul Breisch casting set. It is a 1/2 scale, Olds, water cooled, four cycle, hit or miss, spark plug ignition, gasoline engine with 1-7/8" bore and 2" stroke. Drawings call for Flywheels to be 8" in diameter. (These are just a little bigger.) My equipment at the time was a South Bend 10-k lathe with a milling attachment along with a drill press. There was not a lot of room to spare with this lathe. With the block laying on its side and strapped to the saddle, there was no extra room when line boring the cylinder. The main bearing caps are keyed to the engine frame. To do this I attached the engine frame to the milling attachement in the lathe. This was NOT a rigid setup.
I am very happy with this engine. It runs nice.

Jay A. Peters of BREISCH/PETERS took over the business after the unfortunate death of Paul Breisch. I understand that Mr. Peters has been in poor health for some time. It seems that the complete business was sold at the Iron Fever Auction in York Pa, in August 2005. It was purchased by three model making guys who live near York Pa and hope to start selling the models in the future.  As found on the www.smokstak.com/forum