Olds number 2
This is my second Olds engine. Never thought that I would be starting another one, but at

the 2012 "Days of the Past Old Time Power & Equipment show" in Washington Crossing NJ
gentleman by the name of  Walt Hartel, who I never met before, gave me the complete
of castings, gears and prints.  Talk about generous. This engine is another Paul Breisch
casting set. It is a 1/2 scale, Olds, water cooled, four cycle, hit or miss, spark plug
ignition, gasoline engine with 1-7/8" bore and 2" stroke. Drawings call for Flywheels to be
8" in diameter. (These are just a little bigger.)  Completed April 2015. This engine built to
the lower compression dimensions per the drawings.
   This engine does seem a little more on the gentle side when it fires then my first Olds.
                                                                                            Thank you Walt.

                                                                    Back of finished engine.

 Following are some of the setup and assembly pictures.

Machining the base flat.

Line boreing the cylinder.

Machining the bearing caps.

Boring for the main bearings. Just the bearing seats in this picture.

Head and gears and some govenor parts mounted. Starting on the crankshaft.

Roughing the crankshaft center.

Crank center is finished. End pieces removed and roughed.

Machining the piston.

Carburetor parts before assembly.