New Holland Gas Engine

This engine was built from a Paul Breisch casting set. It is a 1/3 scale, New-Holland, water cooled, four cycle, hit or miss, make & break ignition, gasoline engine with 7/8" bore and 1-3/8" stroke. Drawings call for Flywheels to be 4" in diameter. (These are just a little bigger.)  My feeling is that this should not be a first engine to build and make run.  It sure is cute to look at though. As the flyer says, "Although the machining is much the same as the other Gas Engines, a lot of patient tinkering is required to make it a good running engine. "

Jay A. Peters of BREISCH/PETERS took over the business after the unfortunate death of Paul Breisch. I understand that Mr. Peters has been in poor health for some time. It seems that the complete business was sold at the Iron Fever Auction in York Pa, in August 2005. It was purchased by three model making guys who live near York Pa and hope to start selling the models in the future.  As found on the

I actually built two of them. Both are the same.
Both are igniter fired.