Low Temperature Stirling Engine

Both engines were scratch built from drawings and parts purchased from Jerry Howell.

The larger engine has a  5" dia. flywheel with .600" bore x 5/8" stroke.  At shows I run this one on two or three HotHandS-2 hand warmers. 
The smaller engine, being half scale, has a 2.5" dia. flywheel with .300" bore x  5/16" stroke.  This engine is a  lot  more of a challenge to build, what with the 0-80 and 00-90 screws.  With tired eyes, I need tweesers and maginfier glasses to put it together.

Both engines have stainless steel cylinders and crosshead guides with pistons and displacer rod bushings machined from graphite. Flywheel, column, and displacer plates are machined from aluminum.  The displacers are machined from polystyrene foam.

For drawings and parts info. >   http://www.jerry-howell.com/