Wall   4 cylinder Gas Engine

As of May 2008 I decided that maybe some of the old projects should be completed. This engine was my first project after purchasing a 10" South Bend lathe. That was 41+ years ago. That was also before I had ever seen an old hit & miss engine. After going to Kinzers PA that first time, this engine was placed on the shelf for all these years to indulge in hit & miss engines. This engine is a 50cc 4 cylinder 4 cycle engine with 1" bore and 1" stroke with a water pump for cooling and an oil pump for lubrication. This engine first started and ran of its own power about July 2014. Had a lot of trouble with the distributor blowing out the hall sensor. After converting to points, problem resolved. It does run nice now. The carburetor is not as designed by Elmer Wall. It is a Jerry Howell design. I modified the design slightly, placing springs under the air cleaner cap in order to choke the engine by pressing down on the top of the air cleaner cap.
The Wall engine.

Engine finished 2013 but not yet run due to tecihnical problems.

Some machining pictures follow.

Engine with just some of the unfinished parts.

Another view. (The other side.)

Cam shaft blank with more machining to be done.

Cam shaft lobes being ground on home made cam grinder.

Crank shaft being ground.

Most parts before assembly.

Due to original water pump leaking antifreeze from around the drive shaft,
I designed a magnet coupled sealed pump. No more leaks from the pump.

As it looks today.