Stockport Vertical Vacuum Engine

Stockport Vertical Vacuum Engine
This Stockport engine kit was purchased from Polly Model Engineering Ltd in England.
The engine was designed by Anthony Mount and is not a true scale model but
 represents a type produced in the 1890s in appearance only.
This type of engine goes by several different names, atmospheric,
flame gulper, flame eater, vacuum engine.
This one has a 27mm 1.062" bore by a 36mm 1.416 stroke.
The piston and cylinder are both made from the supplied cast iron.
(This engine has been a challenge to get it to run but it is now a running engine.)

Castings purchased in January 2020. 

The castings. Actually only two castings. Rest is mostly iron and steel material.
  It is not all that complex of an engine but in a sense is almost scratch built.

Machining bottom of the base.

Machining top of the base.

Machining taper or outside of tube while attached to base casting.

Parting off the cylinder.

Taping holes for hold down studs.

Built up crank shaft made with 1/4" drill rod.

Machining flywheel rim after painting.

Engine assembled.

Apart for painting.

Drilling holes in the butane burner star.

Same part as above being parted off.

Stockport engine finished.

This engine runs on Butane fuel.
The water tank is not used and is for looks only.
This engine was difficult to get running but persistence pays off.
It is a nice running model but it heats up quickly.