The Baby Ericsson
This is a 1/8 scale Ericsson Hot Air Engine. The engine stands about 9 1/2" tall and has a bore of  .900" diameter with a .520" stroke.  The castings were purchased from Myers Model Engine Works.  (They also have many other casting kits.)  This engine, because of its small size, does not have much power and friction has to be keep to a minimum. It is a nice running engine and only requires a small single flame in the firebox. I run it on propane gas. The original engine was coal fired and was located in the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn Michigan.

Engine it self basically done.

Castings and parts as received.

Some of the machining operations.

Starting on the legs.

Legs mounted and being drilled for clearance holes.

Drilling and tapping the (16) 2-56 holes for mounting upper and lower units.

Preparing to machine the cylinder.

Machining one of the links.

Most of the parts before finial assembly.

Finally done. September 2022

An old add.